Breaking Down the Cost of Hair Transplants in Toronto

Costs involved, procedures, types, and how to get the best possible results out of your investment.

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Hair Transplant Cost Ranges

Key factors that affect the pricing of your procedure

In Toronto, the cost of a hair transplant for a small area starts at approximately $3,500. For more extensive FUE sessions, the price can rise to as much as $12,000.

You may think the price range is a bit wide. Yes, but the cost may differ from one case to another. Later in this guide, we will present a way for you to accurately compute the costs to include in your specific case.

Top Factors that May Affect the Cost of a Hair Transplant Treatment

Location of the hair transplant facility

The choice between an FUT or FUE hair transplant procedure

Number of sessions needed

Number of grafts needed for the hair transplant

Fee structure or clinic session fee

How Many Grafts Do I Need for My Hair Transplant?

Most people do not know how many grafts they will need simply because they do not know the number of grafts it will take to fill a particular area of the balding or thinning scalp. Worse, the answer depends on a case-to-case basis. It is not the same for everyone. 

To help give you an idea of the number of grafts that will be necessary for your particular case, you can follow the “rule of thumb” in the next session. While it may not be 100% accurate, it is good enough to get a fairly accurate self-assessment.

How to Calculate the Number of Grafts You’ll Need for Your Hair Transplant

For an area of thinning or balding scalp as big as your fist, you will need around 1,200 to 1,500 hair transplant grafts, but this will still depend on the quality of your hair.

By using the rule of thumb, you can come up with an estimate on the number of grafts you may require. The margin of error is reasonable. Now, how many fists of balding areas do you have? Is it one, two, three fists, or more than that? The number of fists may influence hair transplant cost Toronto.

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    On Average, How Much Does One Graft Cost in Toronto?

    In Greater Toronto, the average price range for a hair transplant graft is a lot smaller at $5.50 per graft. It can range from as low as $3.50 for one graft to as much as $8 per graft. 

    Calculating Your Hair Transplant Cost

    To compute the estimated cost for your hair transplant treatment, just multiply the applicable cost/graft by the number of hair transplant grafts you need. For example, if you need 1,500 hair grafts for a fist-sized balding spot at $4/graft, you would need to prepare around $6,000 for the procedure. (using the formula, $4 x 1,500 grafts). If you need around 3,000 grafts (for 2 fist-sized areas), the cost would be around $12,000.

    We guarantee top-quality results provided by our world-class surgical hair restoration team. Our team members have a combined hair transplant experience of more than 20 years.

    Why Choose Us for Your Hair Transplant Treatment

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    Our highly efficient and effective technology and surgical methods required several generations and hundreds of thousands of hours of hard work to perfect and innovate.

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    How Many Sessions Are Necessary to Complete a Hair Transplant Procedure

    In most cases, you will only need one session to complete your hair transplant procedure. However, there are cases that may require more than one session. These include those in the more advanced hair loss stages. For instance, if you rate 4.5 higher, on the Norwood scale, you will need several sessions.

    The number of sessions may also depend on the required number of hair transplant grafts. In case the clinic cannot produce or extract the necessary number of grafts in one session, they may require additional sessions. 

    It may also be financially advantageous for you to break up the treatment into two or more sessions. For instance, it may be easier for you to budget the cost if you break up the treatment with a few months intervals between sessions. However, you must consider that breaking up the procedure into several sessions may jack up the total cost. This is because each session will incur a session fee.

    How Many Grafts Are Typically Necessary in a Hair Transplant Procedure?

    The required number of grafts for each session depends on your preferred doctor or clinic. There are clinics that can regularly transplant around 1,500 to 3,000 hair grafts for each session. 3,000 grafts are usually enough for a patient under Norwood scale level 4. 

    The more experienced and established clinics can work on more grafts per session. This is because they have a bigger staff, more experience, and more resources. 

    In general, if you need more than 3,000 grafts, it is recommended to break down the treatment into at least two sessions – unless there is a compelling reason for you to go for a single treatment session. 

    How Much Is the Hair Transplant Session Fee?

    It is an accepted industry practice to add a session fee to the procedure’s overall cost. It usually covers the medication cost, equipment use, and other related operating room expenses for the time you will be under the procedure. 

    A typical session fee ranges anywhere between $300 and $500. Although it can jack up the total cost of your treatment, it isn’t among the significant factors that affect the cost of the entire procedure.

    Effect of the Clinic’s Location on the Cost of the Hair Transplant

    The particular location of your preferred clinic as well as the number of competitor clinics in the same area can also affect the cost of your treatment significantly. Compared to an Ottawa clinic, a clinic in Toronto will cost, on average 200% to 300% lower. This is because the number of clinics and doctors in Ottawa is much more limited, relative to the population. 

    On the other hand, there are about 5 times more doctors and clinics in Toronto compared to Ottawa. There is a lot more competition in Toronto, and as the low of supply and demand dictates, a bigger supply will drive the prices down. 

    Leading FUE Hair Transplant Technology in Canada

    We are the leading FUE hair transplant facility in Canada. Our main surgical center is located in the heart of Toronto inside the famous Fairmont Royal York Hotel.

    Our transplant procedures include highly advanced surgery techniques to guarantee only the highest-quality FUE hair graft harvest for our clients. Thus, all patients can expect the best results possible from any of our surgery methods. 

    Our inventory of equipment includes cutting-edge systems. These machines are used for extracting FUE grafts from donor sites. Robotic technology, however, has yet to reach a level that can surpass the capabilities of our motorized handheld drills.

    Also, as mentioned previously, robotic FUE harvesting is more costly compared to the manual method using handheld FUE extraction tools. After weighing all the options, we have concluded that it is best to continue advocating the use of the handheld procedure – at least until the time comes when robotic technology has significantly improved. This is the time when robotic equipment can consistently extract high-quality grafts that result in minimal damage and at a cost-effective price.

    In summary, the preferred method to harvest hair grafts, the number of needed grafts, and the frequency of necessary sessions have a significant impact on the hair transplant cost Toronto

    Key factors that may affect your price

    Beyond the location, the cost of a hair transplant is also influenced by several other factors. One of the primary determinants is the specific procedure you opt for, as this dictates the number of follicles that will be extracted and transplanted.

    When considering a hair transplant procedure, you need to choose the type of transplant suitable for you. The choices include FUE, FUT.Your choice has a significant impact on the total hair transplant cost in Toronto.

    To gain a clearer understanding of what’s best for your unique situation and to get a more precise cost estimate, we invite you to reach out to us for a personalized consultation.



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