Eyebrow Transplant Toronto

With our proven eyebrow transplant Toronto, you can experience long term dramatic improvements in the facial symmetry and overall appearance of your face – with minimal to no downtime.

The “bushy” look is fashionable once again! In red carpets and runways all over the world, you can see well-known celebrities and models gracing the occasion with their bolder and thicker eyebrows! Eyebrow restoration, also known as hair transplant to the eyebrows is a relatively new aesthetic procedure. It is aimed at recreating lush and natural-looking eyebrows. We can help you achieve that bushy look that your favourite models or celebrities have. The best part is, the results are permanent in nature, and you can drive home, and resume doing your normal activities immediately following the procedure.

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Eyebrow transplant Toronto surgery overview

Your eyebrows are a crucial element in achieving an overall facial balance. They provide a frame for the eyes. Your emotional responses are expressed better with the help of your eyebrows. Just by looking at your eyes framed by your eyebrows, people will know if you are happy, sad or mad.

If you have thick eyebrows, shaping them would be a breeze as it merely involves thinning the excess volume. However, if you have patchy or thin eyebrows, it wouldn’t be as easy to achieve the desired shape. A lot of work may need to be done. Some people resort to using eyebrow pencils and powders in an attempt to provide a 3-dimensional look. These remedies may somewhat help in improving your look. But, these Band-Aid solutions can never provide the 3D look of natural brows. All they do is to fill in colour. Worse, you need to replenish the cosmetics constantly. 

A lot of women, and even men, for that matter, who are experiencing this problem, have found a permanent and effective, yet simple fix to achieve the thick, sculpted eyebrows they can only dream of. This is through eyebrow transplant Toronto surgeries. We are proud to say that we are among the best clinics that offer the service in Toronto.

Things to know prior to eyebrow restoration surgery

Eyebrow transplant recovery

If preferred, you can leave our clinic right after undergoing an eyebrow transplant Toronto procedure. This is one of the benefits of having a local anesthetic administered prior to the actual procedure. You can easily manage any pain or discomfort either with a prescription medication or OTC (over the counter) remedies. You can also rest at the clinic for a few hours if preferred. You can then leave when you feel ready to drive home. If you want, you can make prior arrangements for a friend or family member to drive you home after the procedure, just to be on the safe side.

You will be advised on what to do while you are recovering at home. We recommend using high grade cool gel-type eye mask for the first couple of days after the surgery. You will notice some levels of bruising and swelling as a result of the surgery. The degree may vary with each patient. The transplant recipient area will have some scabbing for the initial few days. It is best that you do not disturb the area. Refrain from cleaning the affected parts vigorously. By leaving them alone for a few days, the follicles can have enough time to establish blood flow. 

You must likewise keep the area away from the sun. If necessary, you can use sunglasses and large brimmed hats when running errands during the recovery period to get added protection. In general, it usually takes only about a week before you start feeling comfortable being seen out in public. After that, there will be almost no more traces of the surgery. You can then go back to your regular daily routine. In a few weeks, you will notice some strands of hair falling out of the transplant recipient area. Do not be alarmed as this is perfectly normal. New hair strands will start to grow over the next several months. 

The final result? Permanent eyebrows that feel and look natural – unless, of course, you have a medical condition that triggers hair loss! From now on, you can forget about using eyebrow pencils and powders. And, you will never again experience having thin eyebrows! You can proudly display your new brows for the world to admire!

Eyebrow maintenance

Only a little maintenance work will be necessary. As a Toronto eyebrow transplant patient, all you need to do is to trim your brow hair, when necessary, to maintain fullness and shape similar to natural eyebrows. 

The transplanted hair follicles will consistently grow, just like they are in their original site. This grooming procedure, although a bit time-consuming, is important. However, it is just a small price to pay for the lush eyebrows you now enjoy. After all, you no longer have the need to recreate unnatural-looking eyebrows on a daily basis.

Choosing your surgeon

We are among the leading eyebrow transplant clinics in the city of Toronto. All our doctors have the necessary skills and artistry to create aesthetically pleasing, elegant, and full eyebrows. The best part is, the results are long-lasting, and in most cases, permanent. 

Contact us to learn more about our services or to book a consultation meeting with our doctors. You can then let us know about your goals. We will help you determine if the eyebrow transplant Toronto procedure is the best option for your particular preferences and circumstances.

To help us better help you, you can bring eyebrow photos that you like. This way we can fully understand what your image goals are. We will then present to you some recommendations on how you can achieve them. Together, we shall come up with a personalized plan just for you. You’re welcome to read our patient’s journeys and reviews by visiting our clinic’s listing.

Eyebrow transplant Toronto benefits

While the eyebrow restoration procedure itself is generally considered minor, an eyebrow transplantation surgery can provide a major and lasting impact on your overall appearance. If you’re sick and tired of using cosmetics to come up with your ideal eyebrow shape on a daily basis, then the procedure offers the best solution for you. 

You can throw away all those eyebrow pencils and powder products you have been using, perhaps for years. We will provide you with sculpted eyebrows that will enhance the natural proportions of your face – permanently.

If you are a man, our aesthetic specialists can help improve your brows to create a masculine and robust aesthetic. On the other hand, if you are a woman, you can enjoy perfect and beautifully-shaped eyebrows. Imagine the added confidence that having your ideal eyebrows can bring!

Aside from boosting your self-confidence, there are a lot more benefits that you can expect when you undergo our eyebrow transplant method. Following are some of them:

• Completely restored eyebrows that have previously been over-plucked
• Fill in eyebrow hair strands on scarred areas
• For MTF transgender patients, help achieve a softer and more feminine look
• Highlight your natural features and provide a lifted look to your eyes
• Give a defined eyebrow shape to those who lack natural eyebrow hair

Our eyebrow transplant technique and approach

Once the follicle preparation is done and over with, you will be taken into the treatment room. Local anesthesia will then be administered on the recipient site or the area where the transplantation will be performed. This will numb the area that will receive the hair transplant. You will not feel anything while the brow hairs are being inserted. Since the procedure is expected to take a few hours, an additional anesthetic may be necessary to ensure that you will be pain-free throughout the entire surgery. The attending physician will determine the proper amount of anesthetic needed. Otherwise, you may feel some pain and discomfort once the numbing effects of the anesthetic wane.

Next, the doctor will typically implant individual follicles one by one into the previously defined and outlined area. This is the most tedious part of the procedure. The transplant surgery to be done may vary from one patient to the next. One patient may only need to have patches of eyebrow hair replaced, while another may need a more significant restoration process. Every procedure, however, is painstaking. It requires a surgeon with a very steady hand. The doctor must also have the artistic perception required to come up with graceful and curving brows that will fit a particular patient’s face. (This is why it is important that you have chosen the right doctor and clinic to work with.)

The follicles must be properly spaced. They should also be inserted with a slight slant similar to how natural strands of brow hair grow. Our doctors are known throughout Toronto for their patience and perfectionism in performing eyebrow transplant surgeries. As a result, our facility is considered one of the best hair transplant clinics in the city.

We use the FUE technique for eyebrow transplant

This is the initial stage of an eyebrow transplant procedure. We all know that proper planning and good preparation are always important factors to help guarantee successful operations – including eyebrow transplants. First, you will be given some time to relax in a designated area. You can then sleep, eat, catch up on your work, browse your emails, or otherwise just laze around while waiting for the actual procedure to begin. Basically, this is the time for you to get mentally and physically ready for the operation. Refrain from doing physically-tasking activities during this time.

You will also be served lunch that you will most likely enjoy. Our Toronto clinic, after all, is known for the high quality of food we serve, since we buy food from some of the finest restaurants in the city. Eat well, but avoid eating too much. For our part, we will use this time to prepare for the procedure. This is quite an important break since meticulous preparation is necessary to get the hair follicles ready for implantation. Every single follicle must be isolated carefully to make sure that it will be “accepted” by the donor site once implanted. This stage of the transplant surgery may require a few hours to complete.

The attending doctor will present some photos that show the results they will attempt to achieve. This is intended to give you a final look at what kind of results to expect. The shape will then be drawn onto your eyebrow area. You can then see if the target shape, location, and size are exactly what you want and what you have previously discussed with your doctor. When the preparation stage is done, the actual transplant operation begins. You can stay awake during the entire procedure even with local anesthesia.

Our surgeons are experts in eyebrow transplant

If you have decided to undergo the procedure, it is imperative to first find the right doctor and clinic to perform the surgery on you. After all, there will be serious repercussions in working with the wrong professionals. You will not only waste hard-earned money on a useless operation. You may also put your health at risk. Thus, it is important to find the right surgeon to get the job done – the first time. This way, you can avoid having to undergo corrective procedures in the future. 

If you want to determine your prospective surgeon’s skills and capabilities, just view the before and after photos of their former patients. The results will speak for themselves. This way, you can have an idea if the doctor can give you the results you want. This is why you will find before and after photos in dental offices, skincare clinics, and many other facilities that offer aesthetic improvement services. After all, there is no better way to promote a clinic’s services than by word of mouth and showing living proof of their best work. 

This is best achieved by showing pictures of former patients before undergoing the process, and after a successful procedure. It would also help if you can have a short talk with some of their former patients. Ask about how the entire experience went, and how satisfactory the results are.


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