PRP Hair Loss Treatment

Our methodology involves extracting platelet rich plasma (PRP) right from the patient’s blood for reinjection into the scalp. PRP hair loss treatments in Toronto are intended to harness the natural cells of the patient’s body to neutralize the process of hair loss.

Thinning hair or a receding hairline is a major source of embarrassment and loss of self-confidence for most men – and even women, for that matter. With the myriads of treatment options available today that claim to be safe and effective, choosing the right treatment option for you can be daunting. It is crucial not to make the wrong choice. After all, it is your self-confidence at stake here!

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Fortunately, Nova Medical Hair Transplant is a hair treatment clinic that you can count on. While others are content on using mechanical and automated procedures that may leave you with an unnaturally even-looking hairline, our doctors are committed to giving only natural-looking results. 

Aside from the FDA-approved surgical procedures and medications currently used for treating hair loss, our facility now proudly offers a new state of the art treatment that harnesses the patient’s body’s natural growth properties to encourage the production of new hair through platelet-rich plasma.

A hair loss treatment currently growing in popularity in Toronto, Canada, the PRP treatment is best recommended for pattern hair loss for both men and women, as well as for other facial hair loss issues. The procedure is also recommended for use in eyebrow or beard transplants.

If your goal is to achieve results – that look and feel natural – from a hair, beard, or eyebrow transplant procedure, then contact our clinic for more information or to schedule a consultation. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns about our various treatment options for hair loss.

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How PRP for hair loss works?

Our body’s natural healing system is adept at repairing damage and renewing aging tissues, a process also crucial for hair health. Within our blood are stem cells that can develop into healthy tissues, including those supporting hair growth. These cells are instrumental in activating vital growth factors essential for hair regeneration and health. In hair treatments, we harness this capability by isolating platelet-rich plasma (PRP) through centrifugation, concentrating these growth factors to promote hair growth and rejuvenation.

The use of PRP as a treatment for hair loss is a newer development compared to existing traditional hair restoration methods. PRP treatments have long been proven effective for other aesthetic procedures. For one, various PRP therapy procedures have been employed to promote wound healing and skin regeneration for many years now. Their effectiveness has also been observed in various medical fields, including the following: Plastic Surgery, Sports Medicine, Oral Surgery, Orthopedics, Neurosurgery.

The use of PRP as a treatment modality for hair loss is based on the idea that the plasma’s growth-stimulating properties may have the ability to induce activity in hair follicles that have been observed to be inactive. This is intended to set the human body’s natural ability to produce hair in motion.

As mentioned, the use of PRP hair loss treatments is a relatively new development. That said, early data available tend to show that at least 50% of patients who have undergone a PRP treatment are believed to experience encouraging and positive results.

What makes our PRP treatment different?

Not all PRP treatments are created equal. Unlike other hair loss treatment providers, our clinic only employs highly advanced PRP technologies available on the market. Our system guarantees at least 5 times the PRP concentration that most of the PRP systems out there produce. Although the response to PRP treatments varies from one patient to another, our system typically produces the best possible outcome under any normal circumstance. We use the Regen Lab system, which is acknowledged as the best PRP system in Toronto today because of its superior success rate.

The traditional PRP injection techniques are delivered through gun injections, the penetration of which does not reach deep enough levels. As a result, the hair shaft, as well as the supporting tissues responsible for hair growth are not properly stimulated. For a hair restoration procedure to be successful and achieve optimal results, the PRP must be delivered precisely, and deep enough into the skin. As such, only qualified surgeons must perform the procedure. Our greatest strength is in the expertise of our team. Patients undergoing any of our PRP treatment methods receive care exclusively from experienced and highly skilled surgeons.

Our patients are guaranteed safe and effective PRP procedures. You can also expect to receive all important information relevant to your preferred procedure. We will also give you honest advice on whether or not PRP injections are appropriate for you. We will also give you a detailed assessment of other treatment options in relation to your particular preferences and needs. With our help you can also find the right solution that will encourage and stabilize your hair growth.

As a full hair restoration procedure, PRP cannot be used instead of a hair transplant, but, it can prove to be a perfect choice for patients who are in the early stages of hair loss, women experiencing hair loss, as well as patients who are currently undergoing hair transplant procedures. When paired with PRP treatments, the best possible results can be achieved.

PRP hair loss treatment in Toronto:
Regen Lab System

For any PRP treatment to work, it is crucial that the highest possible concentration of PRP is delivered directly to the patient’s scalp. This is the best way to harness the body’s regenerative properties, as well as stimulate the ability to fight hair loss the natural way. This is why we are happy and proud to introduce the Regen Lab System.

So, what is the Regen Lab System all about? First, it is a next-generation technology, which means it is currently one of the latest innovations on the market. In fact, it is the gold standard that other systems are measured against in terms of generating the highest PRP concentrations possible. 

We combine the Regen Lab System with known successful, non-surgical, natural processes available in Toronto. This way, you get natural and powerful proteins in concentrated form. This will spur your body to generate new and healthy hair.

The system is an automated proprietary technology equipped with an accurate platelet sensor. It is known to deliver consistently high PRP yields. With this system in our arsenal, we can guarantee that you will only get the results you expect. 

Compared to the treatments we offer, PRP procedures available at shopping mall spas, often utilizing needle gun devices, tend to yield consistently lower concentrations of PRP and suffer from inaccurate delivery. Unfortunately, opting for such treatments might lead to a waste of your hard-earned money.

In our clinic, we stand by our commitment to getting whatever job you entrust to us done right – the first time. This is possible because of the high-quality results from Regen Lab Systems.

What to expect from PRP treatment at our clinic

Once you have decided to undergo PRP hair loss treatment in Toronto, we will first draw some blood from you. Blood is usually drawn from your arm, just like how your primary care doctor or nurse would do when performing laboratory tests.

Your blood will then be processed using a sterile centrifuge, a device that spins rapidly to separate your blood sample into different components, including the platelet-rich plasma. 

Before you receive the PRP via injection on your scalp, the doctor in charge of the procedure will first administer some local anesthesia on your scalp. This way, you will feel only minimal to no discomfort for the rest of the procedure.

How long does it take to perform a PRP hair loss treatment?

Typically, an entire PRP hair loss treatment procedure takes only around 60 to 90 minutes to complete. Because of the local anesthesia, you can expect to experience only minimal discomfort. Because the treatment is a non-surgical, minimally invasive PRP therapy option, there will be no scarring after the procedure. In fact, you can drive home right after the treatment, and you can go back to work or your regular daily activities the following day. Just refrain from doing physically-demanding activities or exercises for a few days, just to be on the safe side.

In most cases, you will start to notice encouraging and positive results around 4 to 6 months after your first treatment. To get the most optimal outcome possible, it is recommended that you undergo follow-up or subsequent treatments once every 3 to 4 months. PRP hair loss treatment in Toronto can be done on its own or to complement other treatment methods. Combining the treatments is usually the best option to reverse or lessen hair loss among healthy adults. The services we provide are among the best you can find in Toronto. Contact us now to learn more or to schedule a consultation meeting! You’re welcome to read our patient’s journeys and reviews by visiting our clinic’s listing.


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